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  • General


    Make sure to have ProcessMaker installed in your computer, and follow this step by step guide (without skipping any of them).

    About this guide

    This guide is designed for beginners who want to get started with ProcessMaker from scratch. It was created based on version ProcessMaker 2.5.2.  However, it also applies to ProcessMaker 2.x versions.  For newer versions, new "Getting Started" guides will be created.

    This document will give you all you need to create your first process using all the basic ProcessMaker elements.  Additionally, at the end of some steps, you will find practice labs that will ask you to put into action the knowledge acquired on previous steps.  This activities will help you enhance your learning process and become familiar with the ProcessMaker interface.

    • First and Foremost

    • Creating a Process From Scratch

    • Getting Your Process Ready to Run Cases